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key_General-Session Welcome & Change ~ Carter Lloyds, CMO

key_General-Session QAD Enterprise Platform – Pam Lopker

key_General-Session QAD Enterprise Platform: How? – Tony Winter

key_General-Session Fit for Today – Bill Keese

key_General-Session Beyond Technology: Rapid Response – Anton Chilton

key_General-Session Your Partner: Ready For Change – Karl Lopker

key_General-Session Exponential Technologies and Manufacturing – Ray Kurzweil

key_General-Session Automotive Industry Kickoff

key_General-Session Industrial and High Tech Kickoff

key_General-Session QAD in the Consumer Products and Food & Beverage Industries Today

key_General-Session Transforming Your Business With the QAD Platform

key_General-Session The Future of Manufacturing and Supply Chain Technology

key_General-Session The Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and Automation Solutions

key_General-Session Channel Islands: Effective User Throughout the Collaborative Supply Chain

key_General-Session QAD QMS: Complaint Handling at HeartWare

key_General-Session Vit-Best: Continuous Improvement with QAD Automation Solutions

key_General-Session Welcome, Customer Awards – Carter Lloyds

key_General-Session Change & Risk Management – Angela Hoon

key_General-Session Data RPM – Seth Page and Tony Winter

key_General-Session Moving to the Cloud: 16 Domains in 7 Months

key_General-Session Automating Revenue Recognition and Compliance Update

key_General-Session Is “Agile ERP” an Oxymoron? It Better Not Be!

key_General-Session Proven Outcomes of Implementing DSCP and Upgrading Your ERP

key_General-Session Making Your Manufacturing Agile in an Industry 4.0 World

key_General-Session The Digitization of Manufacturing

key_General-Session An Interoperability Solutions Case Study: Laerdal Medical

key_General-Session Quality Management for Medical Devices

key_General-Session How to Convert an Acquired Plant with Extensive Shop Floor Integration

key_General-Session Closing and Partner Awards

key_General-Session Dude — Save Me Time!

key_General-Session Achieving Outcomes: The Importance of Business Change Management

key_General-Session QAD Cloud and OpenEdge Pro2: A Winning Combination

key_General-Session QAD’s Interoperability Strategy Update