2019 Videos

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Customer Showcase Videos

To celebrate our customers, QAD debuted five new customer showcase videos at Explore 2019.

MTF Biologics

The largest tissue bank in the world and is dedicated to providing clinically sound, safe tissue. In their highly regulated industry, quality and traceability are vital. In this video, MTF Biologics illustrates how their technology partnership with QAD enables them to maintain quality by monitoring the tissue as it moves through the process. Ultimately, this allows them to honor the donations they have received and save lives.

DeBortoli Wines

One of the largest and oldest family-owned wineries in Australia. They are dedicated to the sustainability, quality and optimization of their wine as well as the winemaking process. Using QAD solutions, they have developed several processes that allow for improved traceability and scheduling from the grape to the glass.

Pulead Technology Industry Co., Ltd. (Pulead)

A China-based company focused on research and development, production, sales and service of lithium-ion battery materials and electric vehicle power. In this video, Pulead shares how the implementation of QAD ERP has given them better data accuracy and consistency, helping them to keep up with the speed of their industry and compete in the rapidly growing electric vehicle market.


AsteelFlash Group (AFG)

A premier contract manufacturer and services provider of electronic manufacturing services (EMS). It produces printed circuit boards, box-builds and full products for a variety of markets. This video highlights AFG’s adoption of advanced technologies in partnership with QAD and the benefits they have begun to realize in their business.


Produces smart water network solutions for communities around the world. This means reducing leakages and implementing water conservation measures in communities that are struggling with a lack of water. In this video, i2O shares the story of how they helped a major city overcome a critical water shortage through the use of their smart water solution. They also highlight the importance of data and how QAD and the new QAD User Experience enable them to access and better manage that data.