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Eagle Consulting & Development

RF Express™ for QAD Enterprise Applications, Automated Data Collection / Barcoding 

Eagle has been QAD’s strategic partner for Automated Data Collection (ADC) since 1992 and the leading provider of portable wireless technology solutions to users of QAD Enterprise Applications worldwide. Unique among QAD’s solution partners, Eagle serves only the QAD community and has grown its automated data collection (ADC) solution to meet the evolving needs of our mutual customers. Eagle is focused specifically on one thing and only one thing: providing our customers with fault-proof, real-time information that is seamlessly integrated with QAD Enterprise Applications. Eagle makes information portable across a site or across the world.

QAD has recognized Eagle with its “Product Partner of the Year” awarded multiple years leading all partners.

800+ QAD customers at 3,000 sites around the world have chosen Eagle. Key reasons customers cite for choosing Eagle On-Premise or Cloud include:

• Seamless integration with QAD
• Real-time access to information
• Fault-proof data accuracy
• Global support
• Cost of ownership
• Industry-specific expertise
• 99% customer retention
• Proven results

Website: www.eaglecondev.com

Email: sales@eaglecondev.com

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