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Radley Corporation

Radley WMS for QAD Applications

Radley’s proven software solutions increase QAD functionality without restricting you to QAD’s processes. Eliminate error-prone manual tasks, streamline processes and boost productivity with Radley’s fully configurable and scalable platform of solutions. Radley brings you real-time WMS functionality including:
• FedEx Shipping Integration
• Streamlined Shipping
• Simplified Backflush
• QA and Line-Side Checks
• Real-Time Transaction Processing
• Flexible Label Design
• Machine Stat Reporting
• Labor & Productivity Data
• Fully Integrated Data Collection
• Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Radley has been extending QAD functionality since 1997, helping QAD users around the world. Let Radley configure a solution based on your workflow, deployed on-premise or on QAD’s cloud.

Website: www.radley.com/QAD

Email: contactus@radley.com