Hands-On Training

Master Scheduling Workbenches (MSW) and Production Scheduling Workbenches (PSW)

Course Overview

QAD’s .Net Planning and Scheduling Workbenches provide your planners and schedulers with unprecedented, simultaneous visibility to plans, schedules and all supporting data (such as capacity and material availability) for both discrete and repetitive environments. They enable control and collaboration across the production and materials planning space. The solution includes three key aspects:

  • Master Scheduling Workbench (MSW) – This enables the creation of a master schedule in an effective and efficient way by assembling all critical information into a single decision point to make informed decisions. MSW focus is typically one week to several weeks or months out.
  • Production Scheduling Workbench (PSW) – This enables the creation of a production schedule in an effective and efficient way by providing functions such as production sequencing through drag and drop, release/printing/splitting orders from a single access point. The focus for PSW is typically a couple of days to a couple of weeks out.
  • Component Availability Check (CAC) – This is integrated within the workbenches and offers visibility to material availability for the master and/or production schedule you created.

During this course participants will gain hands-on experience of the MSW and PSW and develop an understanding of how your planner and scheduler can leverage these workbenches while interacting with the plan and schedule interactively during the day having all the required decision factors at their fingertips.   Intended Audience: Supply chain personnel with a focus on production planning and scheduling.

Course dates/times:

Option 1: Tuesday, May 8th (day 1) & Wednesday, May 9th (day 2) from 1:30-5:00 PM

Option 2: Thursday, May 10th (day 1) from 1:00-5:00 PM and Friday, May 11th (day 2) from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM

Course fee: $600