Hands-On Training

Pairing Serialization with QAD Automation Solutions to Benefit You

Course Overview

If you’re an automotive supplier, industrial goods, consumer goods or life science manufacturer you’ll benefit from learning more about QAD’s optimized material handling which leverages license plate techniques (receive, move, pick, pack, issue by serialized pack ID) to comply with customers’ dispatch requirements and to optimize materials movement within your company. In addition, life science manufacturers (both Pharmaceutical and Medical Device), and other industries requiring item unit serialization should know that serialization delivers full track and trace coverage for both lot and item unit serial numbers at the same time, allowing high volume serial track and trace integrated with multilevel packaging handling features. The rich functionality offered with Serialization is unlocked and enhanced by QAD Automation Solutions (AS). Along with being an efficient front-end for all operational Serialization functions, QAD Automation Solutions improves operational visibility, control and accuracy throughout the internal supply chain, from inbound to production to outbound. QAD Automation Solutions also supports Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity with frameworks and integration. This course introduces you to both Serialization and Automation Solutions with demonstrations and hands-on exercises.

Course topics include:

  • An overview of the solutions including key features and documentation
  • Demonstration & overview of support for inbound, production, outbound and material handling processes
  • The relationship between serialization and warehousing alongside Automation Solutions
  • Basic transaction configuration
  • Recommended approach to implementation and what you need to know before you begin

By the end of class participants will:

  • Have a strong knowledge of Serialization and Automation Solutions and how and where they can be used within their organization
  • Have hands-on experience with how to use Serialization through Automation Solutions
  • Understand key principles of implementation, expectations & approach

Course dates/times:

Tuesday, May 8th (day 1) and Wednesday, May 9th (day 2) from 1:30-5:00 PM

Course Fee:$600