QAD Customer Showcase


In this video, Amtico shares the story of their move to QAD Cloud ERP and how this has allowed their team to access real-time data and enabled rapid growth in international markets.

Brose Thailand

This video highlights Brose Thailand’s strategy for competing in a global marketplace by leveraging advanced technologies and the digital processes behind these technologies.

Dana Colombia

In this video, Dana Colombia, a part of Dana Incorporated, features the challenges of demanding customers and how they implemented many ERP systems, including a big ERP, before finding the right fit in their business with QAD.

Tower International

This video focuses on the challenges of a constantly changing automotive manufacturing environment due to customer demands, and how Tower has responded with a rollout of QAD and automation at many of their sites globally.

Wander AG

This video features the automation Wander AG has adopted to remain a strong manufacturing leader in Switzerland, a high cost country with a very strong currency in the middle of the EU.